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PDT Cosmetici is specialized in the formulation and production of products subdivided into two main categories:
Natural cosmetics, a field in which PDT has reached levels of excellence thanks to a thorough study of natural assets.
Organic cosmetics, certified by institutions such as NATRUE (True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics) and CCPB (Biological Control Products Consortium), consisting of a formula with 95% natural active ingredients.


Firstly, each raw material is analyzed through a quality control that verifies the characteristic parameters. At this stage, the conformity of the microbiological, physical and chemical parameters is evaluated.
Lastly, the product got the internal packaging while waiting for the Quality Control laboratory to certify the conformity of the previously illustrated parameters. After this phase, the external packaging comes and then the final delivery to the client.


The packaging of a cosmetic is a key need for market success. PDT gives not only graphics that allows you to get a beautiful product but ensures that there are the necessary texts, formulations and marks of the cosmetic in respect of the regulations in force.


PDT Cosmetici gives support in the formulation and production phase of a cosmetic. It also gives assistance in the thorough verification so the product is always adhering to current regulations. Our qualified staff provides the proper administrative assistance to make the final product safe and respect the applied standards.
Seminario di Fitocosmesi in collaborazione con l’Associazione Biologi Ambientalisti Pugliesi

Ancora una collaborazione importante per PDT Cosmetici che ha avuto l’onore di tenere un modulo di laboratorio di fitocosmesi presso la nostra azienda nell’ambito di un master organizzato dall’Associazione Biologi

Pdt Cosmetici e AIRC insieme per combattere il Cancro

Pdt Cosmetici è al fianco dell’Airc, l’Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro, per ricordarvi quanto è importante sostenere la ricerca scientifica per sconfiggere il cancro, quanto è determinante il

Cosmetici green, la richiesta continua a crescere

Continua l’ascesa dei cosmetici green, il loro mercato è pari al 9% del fatturato totale del settore cosmetico con un valore di 950 milioni di euro su 11 miliardi totali:

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