We are in Puglia, in Putignano, in the province of Bari.

We are at the beginning of the 1990s. Giovanni is a young pharmacist, passionate about cosmetics, dedicated to the study of the processes that regulate nature and curious to discover the beneficial effects of plants on humans.

Closed in his laboratory, that young man did not experiment with an incomprehensible chemical formula, but embraced a dream that passion and hours spent in research, one day, would be transformed into a solid and well-established company.

In this period, Giovanni meets Maria Antonietta, a young bookseller, who is passionate, like him, about cosmetics. Maria Antoinetta, for the sake of science and aesthetics, left her previous job and founded a new company together with Giovanni, called PDT Cosmetici.

PDT Cosmetics is located in a modern facility with Research and Development laboratories, Quality Control, production plants, semi-automatic lines for packaging and large rooms for storing the finished product.

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Business organization, production sectors, laboratories, trainings, communication, skilled work, exports of Made in Italy worldwide, synergy with institutions: this is PDT COSMETICI.

Every day we turn our ideas into practice and, to ensure the best result, we are committed to put our laboratories always at the forefront, placing our cosmetologists in the condition of using modern equipment and cutting-edge technologies. Each of our product is subjected to chemical, physical and microbiological control, following strict rules, which is made possible thanks to the high level of our company research.

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The research laboratory is the essence of the company, always committed to searching for safe and effective raw materials and working acting in collaboration with the certified suppliers.


The company has vacuum turbo emulsifier machines and open-top mixers with various capacities for mass production in small, medium and large dimensions.


The production phases comply with the Good Manufacturing Practice for cosmetics. All production batches are subjected to chemical, physical and microbiological control.


A team of professional cosmetologists is highly committed to developing innovative formulations to provide the client with original and customized products in compliance with current regulations.


The packaging of the bulk product is carried out using semi-automatic lines for the filling of jars, flacons and tubes.