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A team of professional cosmetologists is highly committed to developing innovative formulations to provide the client with original and customized products in compliance with current regulations.

The soul of PDT Cosmetici resides in our laboratories, the places where each of our products literally comes to life. The highest chemical and pharmaceutical technologies are at the service of our ideas, allowing us to scrupulously follow every step that leads to the final formulation of a product.

Since the day it was founded, PDT Cosmetici has been committed to researching specific ingredients, such as natural active ingredients, creating and producing certified natural and organic cosmetic products for third parties. After 20 years of uninterrupted study, supported by continuous updates, our company is a leader in the industry and offers its customers a continuous support in the product realization, result of competence, professionalism and cutting-edge technologies.

PDT Cosmetici is specialized in the formulation and production of products divided into two main categories:

Natural cosmetics, a field in which PDT has reached levels of excellence thanks to an in-depth study of natural active ingredients: the active ingredients contained in plants and fruits that can be used in the cosmetic industry which, in the case of a cosmetic product, are dominant in the formulation.

Organic cosmetics, certified by institutions such as NATRUE and CCPB, consist of a formula with 95% natural active ingredients. The granted certifications guarantee the absolute quality and safety of the products including the absence of preservatives and the certainty of having been dermatologically tested.