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The cosmetic products made in our laboratories are formulated with active ingredients of natural origin coming from all over Italy.
A journey through the best ingredients to tell the specificities of each territory and to enclose them in an excellent and performing cosmetic product in which technology, innovation and nature merge together.

The search for active ingredients is an integral part of quality cosmetic production because each of them represents not only territorial excellence but the way we have chosen to enhance and protect nature and Made in Italy.

PDT Cosmetici starts from the awareness that everything originates in nature, where the secret of beauty can be found.

Active ingredients catalogue

Active in the Apulian Territory

Coratina olive
Almond from Toritto
Cherry from Turi
Carrot from Polignano
Primitivo grapes
Negramaro grapes

Active in the Italian Territory

Sunflower from the Marche region
Calabrian chilli
Sicilian pomegranate
Sicilian lemon
Sicilian prickly pear
Sardinian myrtle
Elder from Chiaromonte
Tomato from Campania
Lazio kiwi
Tuscan juniper
Ligurian basil
Piedmontese white truffle
Piedmontese rice
Emilian apricot
Lombard black cherry
Edelweiss Trentino
Apple from Trentino
Venetian hemp
Friulian maize

Active Technological

Hyaluronic acid
Glycyrrhetinic acid in phytosome
Amino acids
Ferulic acid
Glycolic acid
Lactic acid
Vitamins A C E
Salicylic acid
Caffeine in cyclodextrins