Regulatory guidance

PDT Cosmetici supports you not only in the formulation and production phase of a cosmetic, but also in the strict verification that the product complies with current regulations. Our qualified staff provides the appropriate regulatory guidance in order to make the final product completely safe and respectful of the applied standards. With this process we offer a cosmetic with guaranteed quality.

PDT Cosmetici guarantees the attribution of the most important certifications of the cosmetic sector. This represents a guarantee of quality and safety for the consumers:

    • HIA, the certification provided by the Halal International Authority includes the entire process that leads to the finished product, from the choice of raw materials to the sale. Halal certifies that the product is suitable for the regulations in force and the doctrines of the Arab countries, guaranteeing to the consumer the certainty that every cosmetic product has been created respecting the Islamic standards.
    • VEGANOK is an Italian certification for vegan products based on ethical principles that promote and spread the use of cosmetics that do not contain any animal derivatives. The consumer who has chosen a product with VEGANOK certification can be certain of the total absence of raw materials of animal origin in the production of the purchased cosmetic.
    • NATRUE is a certification that is part of an international association based in Brussels founded in 2007. NATRUE is responsible for ensuring consumers the use of strictly tested products that match the organic and naturally-certified standards.
    • CCPB is the certification given by the homonymous organization set up to inspect and analyze both agri-food and non-food products to guarantee their absolute genuineness. CCPB certifies organic and natural cosmetics obtained in the organic production sector as eco-compatible and eco-sustainable products.